Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 40


And the winners are:

Steven Bentley from Oregon
Connor Chamberlain from New Zealand
Preston Hennessy from New York


Meriem Alieva from Uzbekistan
John Dein from California
Diego Escobar from Columbia
Joseph Procida from New York
Guelly Rivera from California


Farzeen Anam from Pennsylvania
Moses Belewa from Maryland
Robert Blaylock from Virginia
Amelie Bohtlingk from Florida
Kayleigh Byrd from Kentucky
YU Chen from New York
Andrea Cordero from California
Travis Deming from Utah
Jane Dunn from Washington
CL Fors from California
Ivan Garcia from Mexico
Charley Gips from New York
Kamola Jaxongirova from Uzbekistan
Faith Kellett from New Jersey
Darwin Leon from Florida
Hailey Leonard from New York
Jasmine Lu from Texas
Nicholas Minch from Washington
Joseph Procida from New York
Jaid Rakhimgaziev from Uzbekistan
Vanessa Sharper from South Carolina
Tianna Smith from California
Tom Spyker from Ohio
Zoe Katrina Stone from California

Honorable Mentions:

Ivan Alexiev from Bulgaria
Victor Araujo from Ecuador
Ashley Athineos from Florida
Madi Bingham from Oregon
Alexis Bliesener from Michigan
Juliana Brizuela Jimenez from Texas
Betty Brenda Brown from Ghana
Ani Brown from California
Sydney L. Brundage from Massachussets
Gabriel Bunny from California
Andrea Busi from Italy
Michael Butkovich from Texas
Joy Carranza-McCullough from Washington
Yuna Cha from Minnesota
Nichelle Chand from California
Ally Chen from Virginia
Dannah Cisneros from Florida
Diamond Colemam from Michigan
Lizzie Jayne Coles from Great Britain
Grace Cubides from Georgia
Ansley Davis from Georgia
Kayla Davis from Illinois
MW de Bruyne from South Africa
Alexis Dickinson from Kentucky
Monique Dinsmore from Arkansas
Joe DiPastena from Arizona
Olivia Drew from California
Alli Eberhard from Utah
Sara Egan from New Jersey
Gordon Emhoolah from Oklahoma
Hunter Ervin from Idaho
Ruhshonabonu Esonova from Uzbekistan
Catherine Feng from New Jersey
Rammy Ferguson from Ohio
Antonio Fernandez-Parker from South Carolina
Concetta Franciamore from Italy
Oscar Fuentes from New York
Kissa Gaona-King from Virginia
Alicia Garza from Washington
Ashley Gates from Louisiana
Caitlyn Geisheimer from Ohio
Zoey Gilks from Maine
Shelby Gillum from Ohio
Catherine Guevara from Washington
Chloe Hagen from Washington
Carole A. Hasto from Virginia
Maya Hawthorne from Louisiana
Rustam Haydarov from Uzbekistan
Lorna Herron from Utah
Lauren E. Holloway from Florida
Emily Holson from Oklahoma
Sanam Hooshvar from Iran
Carolina Hoppmann from South Carolina
Rafiga Imanova from Pennsylvania
Leeto Irby from Arizona
Zachary Knapp from South Carolina
Alexis Knight from Texas
Aashi Labana from California
Colin Lammie from Minnesota
Graci Landry from Maine
Noel Lee from California
Kimberly Leyva from California
Shashiyu Li from Florida
Sam Lickey from Michigan
DanLi Lin from Massachussets
Emilia Lis from New York
Alexa Liu from California
Jessica Loredo from Missouri
Pierre Loya from Indiana
Amira Martin from Michigan
Miranda Martinez from Texas
Robiya Masaid from Uzbekistan
Malachi Matheson from Colorado
Sarah Mckenzie from Canada
Emily McShane from Texas
Caitlyn Medina from New York
Caleb Mendes from Texas
Kaitlyn Miller from Pennsylvania
Sarah-Jane Moldenhauer from Great Britain
Jasmin Moreno from California
Mady Neumann from Wisconsin
Mali Nicholson from California
Henry O’Bryan from North Carolina
Mark Taylor Overbey from Georgia
Tracy Paddock from Washington
Bomi Park from South Korea
Elon Patterson from Texas
Sophia Persichini from Washington
Javier Quintana from Italy
Maya Rajapakse from Kansas
Bethany Ramirez from Texas
Geanelle Dayla Ramirez from Hawaii
Christine Robinson from Virginia
Melanie Rodriguez from New Jersey
Ellie Rumsey from New York
Wes Sabourin from North Carolina
Jose Sanchez from Florida
Ryan Schuette from Texas
Otabek Shukuraliyev from Uzbekistan
Mara Smith from Colorado
Skylar Smith from Oregon
Sophia Tegtmeyer from California
Nova Thompson from Tennessee
Ruth Tian from Utah
Anai Torres from Nebraska
Monique Trejo from Nebraska
Olivia Trela from Florida
Victoria Troendle from New Jersey
Chloe Tubbs from California
Raven Vafadar from Iran
Ana Vega from Mexico
K A Vermillion from Maryland
Marissa Vescovi from Tennessee
Diana Vins from Ohio
Rebecca Vitorino from North Carolina
Breanna Washington from Tennessee
Elizabeth Wayant from Texas
Love Wilson from Virginia
Daria Zaitseva from Ukraine
Luka Zarandia from Georgia (the Country)

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