Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 35

This illustration contest list is the place to be!


And the winners are:

Aliya Chen from California
Qianjiao Ma from California
Alice Wang from Washington



Ivan Garcia from Mexico
Gillian Griffiths from Colorado
Ashly Lovett from Louisiana
Yo Mutsu from Japan
Richard Romare from the Philippines


Victoria Campbell from Minnesota
Allison Chen from California
Consuelo Higdon from California
Sang Eun Lee from California
Bojan Milojevic from Serbia
Crystal Modeste from Florida
Sarah Moore from Tennessee
Melissa Posner from New York
Aaron Radney from Missouri
April Robinson from Arkansas
Andy Rogers from Alaska
Michelle Vigeant from Massachusetts
Jabari Weathers from Maryland

Honorable Mentions:

Lorena Campes from Florida
Ben Coombs from Utah
Kayla Fox from Pennsylvania
Caroline Griffith from Florida
Ryan Hamm from California
Eliana Harrison from New Jersey
Doug Hoppes from North Carolina
Ravi Kumeriya from India
Phillip Mandipira from Zimbabwe
Rose Moran from the United Kingdom
Jason Notter from Alaska
Annabelle Pullen from Florida
Emily Schallock from Alabama

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