Illustrators of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 40


And the winners are:

Peggy Hooper from Oregon
Jennifer Mellen from Utah
Pedro Nascimento from Portugal


Yoshu Terry Brown from Virginia
Ashley Gates from Louisiana
Colin Lammie from Minnesota
Kaitlin Vereb from Wisconsin
Lucas Woollen from Pennsylvania


Meriem Alieva from Uzbekistan
Steve Arimokwu from Texas
Robert Blaylock from Virginia
Maria Boggess from Kentucky
Lauren Carroll from New York
Andrea Cordero from Arizona
Valerie Ha from California
Chloe Hagen from Washington
Jane Hoppe from Michigan
Emily Jones from Florida
Jacob Lemos from Texas
Jian Liu from China
Ryan McCarron from New Jersey
Liliana Muise from Maine
Cherrie Newman from California
Samuel Odeleye from Nigeria
Israel Prieto from North Carolina
Joseph Procida from New York
Jordan Smith from Florida
David Sparvero from Pennslyvania
Miracle Toikumo from Nigeria
Rachel Tong from Ohio
Paolo Turchioe from New York
Daria Zaitseva from Ukraine
Dariusz Zeno from Nevada

Honorable Mentions:

Amaya Anderson from Illinois
Zhaniah Bailey from Georgia
Seth Baker from Washington
Sara Boeldt from Illinois
Richard Boucon from California
RMoss Brannon from Pennsylvania
Annika Brown from California
Fionnan Brydon from Maine
Abrianna Carstens from Florida
Pamela Chaney from Oregon
Alexia Christ from Nebraska
Julia Clarke from Washington
Lizzie Coles from England
Emily Rose Cumiskey from Virginia
Jennifer Diaz Martinez from Pennsylvania
Kaitlyn Dixon from Rhode Island
Vivian Dufek from Wisconsin
Jane Dunn from Washington
Brody Evans from Washington
Jenabelle Felmy from Virginia
Fernando Ffherush from Brazil
Anthony Flores from North Carolina
Ashley Foster from Maryland
Veronica Gallego Fleites from North Carolina
Caroline Gendron from Illinois
Delaney Goetz from New York
Josephine Graber from Massachusetts
Noah Graff from Georgia
Sarah Grinnell from Maine
Henley Grunst from South Carolina
Catherine Guevara from Washington
Simon Hall from Wisconsin
Amaya Hawthorne from Louisiana
Grace Henneberry from Florida
Amaya Herron from Indiana
Lauren Holloway from Florida
Kimora Houston from New Jersey
Kamola Jaxongirova from Uzbekistan
Lucy Kim from Oklahoma
Clement Steve Leal from Texas
Agnes Lee from California
Austin Lubetkin from California
Jacob Martinez from Nevada
Erica McRay from North Carolina
Aaron Mentzer from Pennsylvania
Brandan Morris from Florida
Brooke Morris from Florida
Zoxidjon Nasimov from Uzbekistan
Mark Taylor Overbey from Georgia
Rosalinda Pacheco from New Mexico
Elizabeth Parrish from New York
Grace Powell from Ohio
Jamshid Rakhimgaziev from Uzbekistan
Sabrina Rattich from Austria
Erin Robinson from California
Ryan Schofield from New York
Ashanty Scott from New York
Anastasya Shepherd from United Kingdom
Otabek Shukuraliyev from Uzbekistan
Emily Smith from Canada
Tianna Smith from California
Nikkola Soper from Florida
Darla Taylor from Washington
Olivia Trela from Florida
Minh Truong from Pennsylvania
Jazlyn Urrutia from Texas
Jade Walker from Illinois
Jayla Willis from New Jersey
Anya Willis from Arizona
Hojiakbar Yusufjonov from Uzbekistan
Vien Zheng from New York

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