Illustrators of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 39


And the winners are:

Kristen Hadaway from Maryland
Jose Sanchez from Costa Rica
Helen Yi from Florida (South Korea)


Xinyu Cao from Rhode Island (China)
Jairo Ceballos from Colorado
Annie Deng from Florida
Silas Goewey from Washington
Arthur Haywood from Pennsylvania


Amanda Alexander from Pennsylvania
Vassilios Bayiokos from New Jersey
Chris Binns from Oregon
Robert Blaylock from Virginia
Kaylee Bradshaw from California
Andrea Busi from Italy
Bethany Byrd from Georgia
Larenz Jerzy Cael from Phillipines
Tu Do from Viet Nam
Cristhian Montenegro Arias from Puerto Rico
Cherrie Newman from California
Jose Luis Nunez from Texas
Robyn Nysschens from California
Malyssa Ollar from Florida
Allison Palmer from Virginia
Breanda Petsch from Colorado
Skylar Smith from Oregon
Tatyana Snegirev from California
Krisha Tamrakar from Nepal
Evan Teuteberg from Wisconsin
Sabrina Thompson from Florida
Agostina Verdenelli from California
Alejo Vina from Argentina
Emily Xing from Maryland
Angie Zou from New York

Honorable Mentions:

Colin Alston from New York
Angelique Anderson from New York
Roberto Arroyo from Texas
Danny Avalos from Texas
Josie Baggett from Montana
Freyja Baileykaze from Washington
Marina Bak from New York
Hayden Baker from Texas
Eden Balog from Pennsylvania
Celina Barndt from Montana
Michele Baron from Virginia
Brynna Berkley from South Carolina
Mahea Bingham from Georgia
Adrian Bittner from Missouri
Elizabeth Botkin from Michigan
Halli Bourne from New Mexico
Morgan Breitschuh from Michigan
Sophi Bromenshenkel from Minnesota
Amelia Brown from Iowa
Jose Wenceslau Caminha Aguiar Junior from Brazil
Alexis Carlo from Florida
Connor Chamberlain from New Zealand
Joanne Chapman from Utah
Vince Charles from Florida
Chavela Chavez-Perez from Florida
Alexandra Chudinova from Russia
Maliyah Clark from Ohio
Kimberlee Clements Thompson from Missouri
Cassandra Correa from New York
Ezra Cromwell from Arkansas
Chi Dang from Viet Nam
Catherine Davis from Alabama
Genevieve Day from New York
Aaniss Dib from Canada
Aspen Dills from Colorado
Godjust Etter from Ohio
Jacob Faulkner from California
Jenabelle Felmy from Virginia
Concetta Franciamore from Italy
Chloee Fullilove from Oklahoma
Kaya Garcia from Florida
Nora Getchell from New York
Emma Giddens from Georgia
Elizabeth Golobish from North Carolina
Daniel Gonzales from Michigan
Kimberly Goon from Virginia
Amanda Greene from Indiana
Jakeline Guerra from California
Ethan Hamill from Colorado
Riley Hannon from Missouri
Adrienne Harper from Maryland
Sarah Harrison from Pennsylvania
Jonah Hejny from Colorado
Hope Hemsley from California
Kyle Henskens from New Jersey
Corinne Henslee from Ohio
Davian Ho from California
Jocelyn Hopkins from Japan
Carolina Hoppmann from South Carolina
Campbell Howard from California
Izabella Hyde from Minnesota
Joshua Ibejigba from Nigeria
Eri Iguchi from California
Ashley Ivanko from Connecticut
De’Aria Jarmon from Texas
Folasade Jayeola from Georgia
Denijah Jefferson from Mississippi
Donnavin Jones from Michigan
Grace Kegel from Pennsylvania
Ava Kim from California
Jennifer Kirk from Maryland
Eliana Knight from Maryland
Kaylee Laverty from Texas
HeatherAnne Lee from New York
Eri Lguchi from Minnesota
Kyana Lim from Canada
Xianghong Lin from New York
Alanah Lockhart from North Carolina
Jalen Lovett from Georgia
Daniel Maidman from New York
Kirsten Maloney from Indiana
Takyra Marsh from Maryland
Kaitlyn Martin from Pennsylvania
Seregey Martyn from Russia
Ryan McCarron from New Jersey
Althea McCrillis from Massachusetts
Eliah McGough from New Mexico
Brooke Morris from Florida
William Morris from Ohio
Kira Morrison from Florida
Elias Mossa from California
Cheley Myers from New York
Roman Nabiullin from Florida
Chenoa Newman from Ohio
Nhi Nguyen from Colorado
Brayton Northrup from New York
Ivy Orozco from Missouri
Sarah Orr from New York
Taylor Overbey from Louisiana
Luca Palescandolo from New Jersey
Jinseo Park from South Korea
Kaitlyn Parker from Missouri
Aubrey Penney from Tennessee
Tanner Pope from Utah
Navid Pourkhak Khosroshahi from Iran
Genevieve Preciado from California
Alexis Pritchett from Minnesota
Shereen Ragab from Egypt
Zekhniddin Rakhimov from Uzbekistan
Ayla Reckelbus from Texas
Tyler Regalado from Florida
Iyanna Register from Delaware
Samara Rodgers from California
Jasmin Romero from California
Rachael Rose from Georgia
Dana Ross from Arizona
Jose Sanchez from Florida
Xioanny Santiago Ortiz from Puerto Rico
Paige Schubert from Florida
Michael Schultz from Colorado
Oliver Setiyadi from Colorado
Fredrick Shaw III from Texas
Aidan Silva from Ohio
Adam Smith from Michigan
Kyle Solomon from Florida
Ashley Spence from California
Sean Stahler from Maryland
Emily Stoll from New York
Ethan Suehs from North Carolina
LeighAnn Sutton from Washington
Dyon Swann from Pennsylvania
Eddie Thomas from South Carolina
McAllister Thomas from Ohio
Joseph Tilaye from Alabama
Cindy To from Iowa
Rodica Todd from Great Britain
Aidan Tracy from New York
Jessica Trotter from Alabama
Hanifa Usmonova from Uzbekistan
Nishant Velavan from California
Tiffany Vieira from California
Melissa Vilfranc from Pennsylvania
Kaylee Webb from Illinois
Nyah Weits-Sanchez from Florida
Amy Wethington from South Carolina
Lahjae White-Patterson from Virginia
Victoria Wilson from Ohio
Ande Wittenmeier from New York
Sumner Wooldridge from Texas
Su Yapicioglu from Turkey
Shengyi Zhu from Pennsylvania

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