Illustrators of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 37


Illustrators of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners for 2020, Volume 37


This illustration contest list is the place to be!


And the winners are:

Mariah Salinas from Florida
Dan Watson from United Kingdom
Jeff Weiner from Nevada



Emily Chen from Washington
Arthur Haywood from Pennsylvania
Lisa LaRose from Canada
Martin Alejandro Lopez from Florida
Jerome Tieh from Singapore


Kaylyn Allard from Michigan
Karlie Batchelder from Maryland
Aya Borucki from Connecticut
Addison Corey from Utah
Madison Cozad from Michigan
Gazal Dalmia from India
Gabriel Drabek from Georgia
Shelby Harvey from Oregon
Rachel Lagrone from South Carolina
Xinran Liu from Georgia
Zaine Lodhi from Florida
Ximing Luo from Maryland
Lisa Maria from Pennsylvania
Marquise Philibert from Florida
Shania Zhou from California

Honorable Mentions:

Aibek Begalin from California
Lily Brennan from Arkansas
Carmina Khairallah from Lebanon
Melissa Lettis from Washington
Andre Mata from Portugal
Jacobi Wilson from Kentucky


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