Illustrators of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 40


And the winners are:

Ashley Cassaday from Texas
Tyler Vail from Texas
May Zheng from New Jersey


Filiz Kose from Turkey
Daniel Montifar from Texas
Mai-Han Nguyen from Washington D.C.
Kaitlyn Stanton from Virginia
Carina Zhang from Rhode Island


McKenna Adams from South Carolina
Ana Aguilar-Arias from Texas
Ivan Alexiev from Bulgaria
Vassilios Bayiokos from New Jersey
Robert Blaylock from Virginia
Sara Boeldt from Illinois
Connor Chamberlain from New Zealand
Ariel Chuang from Arizona
Leon de Bruyn from South Africa
Saskia de Klerk from Netherlands
Daniel Irving Decena from Philippines
Rachael Douglass from Tennessee
Aaliyah Ellis from Kentucky
Emelia Feldman from Washington
Matthew Fielder from Texas
Ian Grabinski from California
Sheriff Hamza from Ghana
Danielle Harding from Michigan
Leila Hewitt from New Jersey
Rook Jacobsen from Nebraska
Alexandra Lam from Massachusetts
Arianne Lao from Pennsylvania
Ilhomjon Latipov from Uzbekistan
Clint Lockwood from Rhode Island
Sandy Lu from Connecticut
Elryk Martin from Iowa
Brandan Morris from Florida
Brooke Morris from Florida
Pedro Nascimento from Portugal
James Nelson from California
Cherrie Newman from California
Sophia Schuh from Colorado
Ella Shideler from Oregon
Tianna Smith from California
Skylar Smith from Oregon
Muslimbek Soliyev from Uzbekistan
Noel Stinson from Washington
Minh Truong from Pennsylvania
Samandar Uzakov from Florida
Grace Wisdom from Georgia
Lucas Woollen from Pennsylvania
Luka Zarandia from Georgia

Honorable Mentions:

Lauren Apodaca from New Mexico
Danny Avalos Jr. from Texas
Tova Barenholtz from Maryland
Diego Barillas from New York
Michele Baron from Virginia
Brin Baumbarger from Ohio
Holly Beck from Oregon
Ailara Bingham from California
Miles Brenner from Idaho
Raymond Bringas from California
Haley Bryan from Alabama
Sarah Buckley from Pennsylvania
Isabella Calderon from Florida
Christian Camacho from California
Lauren Carroll from New York
Yuna Cha from Minnesota
Cein Chavez from New York
Summer Crain from Texas
A Curtis from Wisconsin
Thu Dang from Texas
Annie Deng from Florida
Sophya Diaz from Florida
Jane Dunn from Washington
Catalina Fierro from Georgia
Mason Fisher from Tennessee
Emily Fisher from Oregon
Adamaris Flores from Arizona
Armin Forde from Massachusetts
Jack Gaines from Kansas
Charlie Garman from Pennsylvania
Caroline Gendron from Illinois
Nora Getchell from New York
Isabella Gingras from Pennsylvania
Mariyah Givens from Alabama
Eloisa Gloria from Illinois
Gabriella Go from Kentucky
Ramona Gott from Maine
Hoi Haokip from Oklahoma
Rebekah Harshaw from Georgia
Taylor Hart from Montana
Zhijun He from New Jersey
Ezra Hejny from Colorado
Hope Hemsley from California
David Hoffrichter from Pennsylvania
Peggy Hooper from Oregon
Rachel Kan from New York
Gargi Kanade from India
Elizabeth King from Colorado
Matthew Lei from Oregon
Sunny Liu from Texas
Chang Liu from California
Corinne Loar from Minnesota
Cassandra Malas from Illinois
Mark Malloy from South Carolina
Melody Maxcy from California
Ryan McCarron from New Jersey
Delaney Mcnett from Oregon
Ella McNulty from Connecticut
Jennifer Mellen from Utah
Jerry Mendheim from Illinois
Abi Middleton from Virginia
Makenzie Miller from Kansas
Jan Mollazade from Washington, D.C.
Yan Mendez Monjardim from Oklahoma
Jiseung Moon from New York
Maya Moore from Massachusetts
William Morris from Ohio
Elias Mossa from California
Cairo Murphy from Utah
Allison Murphy from Florida
Nhi Nguyen from Colorado
Isabella Nigro from California
Andrew Nim from California
Jaden Osborne from Florida
Eun Jin Park from Texas
Bomi Park from South Korea
Adriel Philip Poon from Florida
Jamshid Rakhimgaziev from Uzbekistan
Sabrina Rattich from Austria
Brenden Reed from California
Mia Rempel from California
Evelyn Reyes Nolasco from Wisconsin
Silvia Rhoden from Florida
Cayla Roach from Tennessee
Evelyn Roque from Illinois
Iliana Rosado from Ohio
Dana Ross from Arizona
Morgan Sanford from California
Hannah Seyfried from Texas
Curtis Smoak from Pennsylvania
Claire Stringfellow from Texas
Abigail Teng from Texas
Elma Jane Timbreza from California
Olivia Trela from Florida
Victoria Troendle from New Jersey
Brooke Turnbull from Louisianna
Zimuzo Ugwuanyi from Illinois
Samandar Uzaqov from Arizona
William Van Dyne from Illinois
Melissa Vilfranc from Pennsylvania
Jenny Wang from Canada
Su Yapicioglu from Turkey

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