Illustrators of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 38


Illustrators of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners for 2021, Volume 38


This illustration contest list is the place to be!


And the winners are:

Arthur Doweyko from Florida
Zaine Lodhi from Florida
Colin Zhang from California



Urim Choi from Connecticut
Saskia de Klerk from Zuid-Holland
Melissa Lettis from Washington
Natalia Navarra from Pennsylvania
Alejo Vina from Argentina


Shamanta Ahmed from Texas
Amanda Alexander from Pennsylvania
Dilshodbek Allayorov from New York
Brittney Anderson from North Carolina
Eliana Anselmo from Illinois
Kofi Bazzell-Smith from Indiana
Robert Blaylock from Virginia
Angelina Chang from New Jersey
Varsha Chilukuri from California
Madison Cozad from Michigan
Margaret Dela Cruz from New Jersey
Samiya Evans from Ohio
Narges Fayaz from Iran
Caeli Harman from Wisconsin
Katherine Harrison from Australia
Shelby Harvey from Oregon
Arthur Haywood from France
Anna Hoffman from Wisconsin
Vicky Hu from Canada
Forrest Hubert from Delaware
Madeline Irvin from Texas
Subrata Kumer from China
Rowen Matthews from Missouri
Matthew Miller from Texas
Ryleigh Moule from New Jersey
Cherrie Newman from California
Kaitlin Noack from South Carolina
Robyn Nysschens from California
Edward Orji from Maryland
Sung-Hyun Park from Virginia
Vasyl Pavuk from Ukraine
Kelsea Petersen from Maryland
Morgan Potter from Connecticut
Anastasya Shepherd from United Kingdom
Emily Smith from Canada
Catherine Trogani from Massachusetts
Kiki Vorderbruggen from Texas
Bianca Wertheimer from New Jersey
Bailey Wertz from Pennsylvania
Khira Wieting from Canada

Honorable Mentions:

Albu Alexandra from Romania
Ozzie Allen from Indiana
Chaya Anderson from Pennsylvania
Skylar Anderson from Pennsylvania
Victor Araujo from Ecuador
Karien Barnes from South Africa
Michele Baron from Virginia
Mariana Beltran from South Carolina
Paul Beniaminov from Canada
Ron Bennett from Canada
Georgina Bowman from Illinois
Azure Brooks from Kentucky
Jonathan Brunelli from Texas
Heidy Bulbarela-Hernandez from Arkansas
Hannah Butler from Utah
Elise Carroll from Oregon
Adriana Chavez from Florida
Evonna Chisom from Pennsylvania
Lauren Chmelnicky from Florida
McKenna Coleman from Tennessee
Gary Collins from United Kingdom
Kristopher De Leon from New York
Marco Defillo from Texas
Sally Dinh from Texas
LaNicia Ellis from California
Nickolas Foglia from New York
Brett Forsyth from South Carolina
Lindsay Freeman from Virginia
Samantha Freske from Michigan
Camille Gerena from Massachusetts
Elizabeth Gerstman from Maryland
Phillip Gilkeson from Indiana
Elia Giuliani from Ohio
Kimberly Goon from Virginia
Jada Gordon from Virginia
Joyce Gough from India
Gillian Griffiths from Colorado
Hailey Hagan from Maryland
Elizabeth Hager from Maryland
Maiya Hall from Maryland
Hannah He from Michigan
Cadan Hinds from New York
Hannah Hines from Texas
Sanam Hooshvar from Iran
Carolina Hoppmann from South Carolina
Terry Hutchinson from Florida
Kaitlyn Hyde from Arizona
Lucy Imperato from Pennsylvania
Sara Jacks from Georgia
Kenneth Jackson from Michigan
Kirsten Jacobus from Indiana
Nick Jizba from Nebraska
Adiyah Johnson from Michigan
Elisa Kinsey from Arizona
Drew Kough from Texas
Maria Krasyuk from Russian Federation
Valeria Krumdieck Leon from Canada
David Kudlac from Slovakia
Marisa Ladson from Indiana
Elizabeth Lepley from Kentucky
Yutong Lin from New Jersey
Delaney Lindsey from Texas
Amy Liu from Arizona
Ishita Malhotra from India
Michele Marsan from Italy
Aniah Mayfield from North Carolina
Todd McCaffrey from Nevada
Taisia Mertz from Maryland
Noran Morsi from Egypt
Mwansa Mukuka from Maryland
Jordyn Nimrod from Texas
Jose Luis Nunez from Texas
Christian Paynter from New York
Aaliyah Pitts from Nevada
Maria Prochorec from Poland
Avery Przyswitt from Canada
Ashley Reed from Wyoming
Madison Rowe from Missouri
Anne Rutherford from Colorado
Cody Salvesen from Massachusetts
Ciarra Schaeffer from Colorado
Kathleen Schoneman from Wisconsin
Michael Schultz from Colorado
Grace Schwander from Washington
Jared Schwartz from California
Skylar Sena from New York
Oliver Setiyadi from Colorado
Destiny (Finn) Sherman from Florida
Joshua Sims from California
Jody Smits from Canada
Haley Stemmons from California
Cassidy Stevens from New Hampshire
Jessica Stevenson from Ohio
Summer Tanner from Ohio
Madelyn Terrell from Texas
Teresa Tomas from North Carolina
Nicole Vera from New Jersey
Gabrielle Volz from Ohio
Lillian Voth from North Dakota
Teresa Vu from Georgia
Michaela Wahlheim from Arizona
Heather Waller from Wisconsin
Sabrina Wertman from Florida
Grace Wike from South Carolina
Phoenix Wilke from Colorado
Ilah Wilson from Michigan


8 replies
  1. Albu Alexandra
    Albu Alexandra says:

    Hello and congratulations to the winners!

    Where can we see the illustrations that won? All we have is the names but are the illustrations posted somewhere for view?

    • John Goodwin
      John Goodwin says:

      I have created individual short videos that you can see on Instagram (they are also on FB and TW but more buried). Just go to @WOTFContest

      • Albu Alexandra
        Albu Alexandra says:

        I apologise for the late reply, I did not know I received an answer until I checked again just now.
        I went to Twitter and Instagram and I still could not find the individual illustrations that have won. I’m just curious to see what they look like since we only see the list of winners here, but not their artworks.

        • Arthur Michael Doweyko
          Arthur Michael Doweyko says:

          I understand that the winning illustrations are not easily found. If you drop by my website, and go to the “Book covers & Illustrations section, three pics that were entered are the Journey into the Fantastical cover, the Twisted Reveries (person sitting on fence), and the Area 51 pic. Even I don’t know which pic did the trick.

    • Jason Toth
      Jason Toth says:

      Hello, we are getting close on the Q3 judging. I would say another week or so and we should have the final results. Sorry for the added time.


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