Illustrators of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 35


Here are the 2nd Quarter Illustrators of the Future Contest Winners for Volume 35


Congratulations to you all!


Alexander Gustafson from Washington
Sam Kemp from the United Kingdom
Christine Rhee from California



Katie Boozer from Florida
Victoria Campbell from Minnesota
Grace Fong from Canada
Ashley Hankins from California
Jeremy Zheng from California


Joymae Capps from Washington
Sam Greene from North Carolina
Amara Klemann from Texas
Adam Kohn from Georgia
Sarah Beth Moore from Tennessee

Honorable Mentions:

Kathryn Bertram from North Carolina
Becca Gowdy from Virginia
Gabrielle Isabella Hojilla from California
Avery Istwan from Missouri
Courtney Kilmak from Connecticut

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