Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 39


And the winners are:

Alexandra Albu from Romania
Clarence Bateman from New York
Dao Vi from California


Chris Binns from Oregon
Matthew Todd Fielder from Texas
Sarah Morrison from Massachucetts
Tremani Sutcliffe from Utah
Aditi Jain from California


Ash Brooks from Ohio
Robin Carino from California
Erika Coon from California
Bingjie Cui from Georgia
Chi Dang from Viet Nam
Silas Goewey from Washington
Mikki Jay from Illinois
Jimmy Li from New York
Beatrice Parlade from Maryland
Caelen Rahilly from Virginia
Dyon Swann from Pennsylvania

Honorable Mentions:

Alexander Aceves from California
Laya’zere Alexander from Pennsylvania
Ana Beatriz Oba Bastos from Maryland
Avi Davenport from Oklahoma
Annie Deng from Florida
Firdaws Elmarini from Ohio
Caroline Friedman from Georgia
Leonidas Goudelis from Greece
Riley Hannon from Missouri
Caeli Harman from Wisconsin
Rachel Kan from New York
Eliah McGough from New Mexico
Robyn Nysschens from California
Kevin Obasoyin from New Jersey
Ayla Reckelbus from Texas
Philip Michael Riley from Arizona
Jen Talty from Massachusetts
Malika Renee Taylor from Nevada
Tu Do Tran from Viet Nam
Kayleigh Waddell from Maryland
Tei Williamson from Florida
E.J. Wyche from Colorado

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