Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 38


Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter Winners for 2021, Volume 38


This illustration contest list is the place to be!


And the winners are:

Majid Saberinejad from Iran
Natalia Salvador from Spain
Jerome Tieh from Singapore



Robert Blaylock from Virginia
Jason Farber from Oklahoma
Nikki Nguyen from California
Dali Wu from Canada
Kristin Xu from Texas



Jordan Brigham from Oregon
Narges Fayaz from Iran
Tremani Sutcliffe from Utah
Marcella Vahos from Georgia


Honorable Mentions:

Annabel Rainey Alexiev from Michigan
Laura Aquilone from Pennsylvania
Shashi Arnold from Maryland
Blake Arriaga from Texas
Isabel Atha from Mississippi
Aibek Begalin from California
Emily Birmingham from Ohio
Cademon Bishop from Kentucky
Randall Blandin from Virginia
Nadja Bloetner from Maryland
Halli Bourne from New Mexico
Cheyenne Bowey from Virginia
Julia Brahms from Maine
Sadie Brebes from California
Morgan Breitschuh from Michigan
Andrea Busi from Italy
Arianna Cabrera from Pennsylvania
Melissa Castillo from Pennsylvania
Sydney Celenza from Texas
Trevor Coopersmith from California
Alizza Damaso from Maryland
Andrii Dankovych from Ukraine
Antoniette Dickson from Maryland
Jaidyn Eller from Washington
David Esteves from Illinois
Jeneballe Felmy from Connecticut
Madison Fink from California
Kathryn Forehand from Texas
Alina Galieva from Russian Federation
Kimberly Goon from Virginia
Aeryn Hale from Texas
Katherine Harrison from Australia
Christian Hart from Maryland
Isabel Haut from Illinois
Alexis Hawthorne from Alabama
Arthur Haywood from France
Tre’sure Henry from South Carolina
Vivian Herrington from Florida
Amelia Hickey from Arizona
Olivia Horgan from Massachusetts
Allison Inglesby from Maryland
Stephanie Ingmire from Minnesota
Aditi Jain from California
Neal Tse from Indiana
Micah Kim from Armed Forces Post Office
David Kudlac from Slovakia
Shih Han Kuo from Texas
Paul Lee from Virginia
Darel Lenhart from Ohio
Jillian Maldonado from Illinois
Shea Maley from Illinois
Mary Ancilla Martinez from California
Nicole Melendez from California
Sarah-Jane Moldenhauer from United Kingdom
Ren Montgomery from Florida
Imani Morris from Kentucky
Reagan Morrison from North Carolina
Gracey Motley from Virginia
Nhi Nguyen from Colorado
MingJia Ni from Illinois
Robyn Nysschens from California
Josh Pollard from Texas
Annabelle Pullen from Florida
Ashley Abigail Resurreccion from California
Arthur Jasper Reyes from California
Deja Richardson from Georgia
Hannah Ripley from Indiana
Alexandrea Rogers from Florida
James Sammons from Florida
Jose Sanchez from Florida
Shyanne Sarver from Texas
Otto Schmid from Switzerland
Emma Schwartz from Nebraska
Luthary Segura from Texas
Andrew Shapiro from New York
Brett Stump from Missouri
Sarah Szeszol from Illinois
Elizabeth Trouslot from Virginia
Dao Vi from California
Christopher Walker from Illinois
Emma Weibel from South Carolina
Amarie Williams from Texas
Jack Wood from Virginia
Senyjah Wren from Illinois
Muyang Xu from Washington
Yarden Zur from New Jersey


7 replies
  1. Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez says:

    So, I just found out that I made it to the Honorable Mentions list ! What an AMAZING HONOR , so thank you judges !
    Any idea which piece is the one that was selected ?…Im crazy curious. Thanks. 😊

  2. Val Lindahn
    Val Lindahn says:

    Congratulations to our Winners and all who entered the Illustrators of the Future !
    Please remember to enter every Quarter. This will strengthen your Art and Portfolio and we have a different number of Illustrators entering each quarter ~
    Sincerely Val Lakey Lindahn –
    Illustrator Judge


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