Lazarus Chernik

Illustrator Judge – Biography

Lazarus Chernik

Lazarus Chernik is an experienced Creative Director, Brand Manager, and award-winning Designer with over twenty years of experience. His clients have included everyone from Fortune 100 giants to small businesses in need of reaching that next level.

Using expert skills in all manner of print and online media, he has headed the creative departments for numerous agencies and corporations, including a Top 15 national advertising agency, a national retail chain, a national web development firm, a catalog retailer, and a retail goods manufacturer.

He has been an instructor of design software and skills in corporate training environments and continuing education facilities.

Lazarus Chernik has been an Illustrators of the Future judge since 2016.

“The Illustrators of the Future Award is such an important competition because it awards young illustrators real-world benefits like advanced education, business relationships and, of course, cash prizes. New artists rarely get to know what goes on in the meetings and goes into the decisions that affect their art and it takes so long to learn. As a Creative Director, I have seen and worked with countless artists to produce the highest quality projects. Great direction doesn’t scold artists, hold their hand, or demand they realize your vision—it guides them so they realize theirs.” —Lazarus Chernik

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