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Joe Benet
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Note, I have no relation to this product except as a full-retail customer.

If you use this tool to create story elements, post your favorites here so we can all benefit from the creative juices. Try to follow this template but adjust as needed. I'll post one to get us started.

Do not provide any details that would reveal your anonymous story to any judges who happen to read this thread.


Question(s) you asked before drawing.

Draw for: Reason, story element, prefabricated hands 

Deck (reason): Card. Piece of description that matters.

  Optional Deck and card

  Your thoughts on how you intend to develop it.

Repeat Deck / Card to complete the draw.

SHMx1 (Q2'22)
2xCritiquer for Published Winners (Oh yeah, it's now a thing)

Posted : May 22, 2023 4:26 pm
Joe Benet
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Without context, generate a location for a scene.

Draw for: Alternative to a Tavern

Character (Built for): Artist. Passionate, profession that doesn't pay yet, soul-healer, transcends politics.
Character (Lives here now): Hunter. Searching with intent to kill.

Wow. I don't know what to do with this yet, but I love the conflict opportunities. Built for someone who enlightens and enlivens, now lived in by one who kills. Maybe art left behind in the attic by the previous owner spurs the hunter to change, or regret too much death.

    Relationship (Optional for motive): Pet

    John Wick, anyone? 

Habitat: Web

Element (Material): Aether. Matter that is nothing yet but can become anything. Pure possibility.

    I love this. I envision a new family, so the house's value (implied in the Lives Here Now part of the draw, but not required) is not so much about the shelter it provides now, but rather what it enables in the future: neighborhood cookouts, baby showers, wedding receptions, cool summer evenings on the porch with a cold drink.

Texture (Remembered most after leaving): Scar. Physical manifestation of resilience. Hints at how something has been spent.

    Makes sense for a hunter.

Relationship (Traveler's experience when here): Pet

SHMx1 (Q2'22)
2xCritiquer for Published Winners (Oh yeah, it's now a thing)

Posted : May 22, 2023 4:41 pm
Joel C. Scoberg
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I've heard of these cards but never looked into it. It seems like a pretty cool idea and a helpful world building tool (and, separately, I love cards with cool looking art anyway!)

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Posted : May 24, 2023 1:15 am