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Jody Nye's Workshop

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I just got back from Jody Nye's workshop at Dragcon and can't give a higher recommendation. She slices right to the issues that need work and was spot on. She also has an encyclopedic knowledge of how things work. (She made a comment about how the explosive in my story was unlikely to be able to be manually detonated. She was 100% right). You might be in for a little sharp treatment if you have something particularly problematic going on but she usually does it with humor which makes the medicine go down easier. I had not been to anything like this and didn't know what to expect but it was very helpful. To my surprise, I also got a lot out of the critiques of everyone else's stories. We would go around the room and everyone would give a critique. It was really an education to hear Jody's critique at the end and see what we spotted and what we didn't spot. That was just as educational to me as hearing my own critique.

Anyway, I was really pleased with the experience and will sign up for next year as soon as registration comes online.

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She was at the WotF workshop, and she's great. Glad you got to take a workshop with her, Chuck! Was her husband, Bill Fawcett, there? He is just as sharp, and is a fountain of knowledge about publishing. Those two are quite a team!

Jody was one of the four that judged the finalists of Q4, Volume 35, so I'm especially fond of her. : )

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Jody is amazing! I asked her for help at FanX. I was stuck on one of my manuscripts. She asked me 1 question and saved my story.
I ran home and fixed the one point, and the rest of the story flowed. Incredible talent!!

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