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Have WOTF thought of this?

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With so many SF and Fs, have WOTF thought of publishing a second book? Maybe a monthly/bimonthly/quarterly book with the last year's stories. Something along those lines.

Would give new writers an added boost. And no doubt get more people entering.

Just a thought.

Topic starter Posted : February 21, 2021 6:17 pm
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I've thought the same thing. Dustin and Robert Finegold did create something of the sort, called First and Starlight, Second and Starlight, etc. It's available on amazon, I believe. The downside of such a project would be that you could no longer publish the story elsewhere, and a no-name anthology isn't likely to have many readers. (If WotF would publicly endorse it and name it their "second anthology" it would be different, but they can't do that. Then they'd have to publish five anthologies a year, instead of one.) Because of this, most of the stories there are reprints.

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Posted : February 22, 2021 12:03 am
Dustin Adams
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Indeed, we have 3 "Starlight" anthologies.
We talked to Joni about this before publishing the first one. These are "unofficial" but with permission, if that makes sense. I'm hoping that if I win I can bring the paperbacks to Galaxy Press and put them on a bookshelf somewhere.


4. Coming soon - editor: M. Elizabeth Ticknor

These contain some finalists, semis, reprints, and first rights stories. I highly recommend them all! wotf011

I think WotF puts all their eggs in the one anthology basket. The rest of their publishing arm focuses on L.Ron's stuff - so they can afford to send 24 of us to LA every year. Haha.

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Posted : February 22, 2021 12:16 am