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That story/novel/film/show seems familiar

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Ok. This is bugging me a while now.

I couldn't see a good place to post, so maybe this can be used for anyone else's frustrations in the future.

I recently watched "Teenagers from outer space". I quite enjoyed it. The aliens acting seemed very wooden, appropriately, and the lobster could have been better (heck, no CGI and they STILL manage to screw it up?). Overall well worth my time, and yours too.

Moving on. The story very much reminded me of the outer limits episode Soldier. You know one of the ones James Cameron ripped off when making The Terminator.

Two aliens, one , the future leader of their people, wanting to save humanity and one hunting him down, killing many in the process. The good one befriends a girl and her family after the bad one killed her dog (T2??). They come from a world where you don't know your parents and are very militaristic. She teaches him about humanity. The bad one kills her best friend (The scene of the skeleton in the smoking pool reminds me of the end of T2). The good one gives his life to save humanity. There is a bad guy Vs police shoot out in which several officers are killed. People turn into skeletons and are said to have their flesh burnt (words to that effect) off when killed with the ray gun.

Perhaps Cameron's dream of the silver skeleton in flames came from this film??

There's probably more as well. If I think of more I'll put it up.

Maybe Cameron looked directly here also, as it's very Terminator. The only things lacking are time travel and robotics, but space travel and aliens make up for that.

I can't find anything written on the similarities to Ellison's or Cameron's works regarding this film, it was made a few years before Soldier. Can anyone shed any light on it, or is it just a coincidence??

Topic starter Posted : January 13, 2021 7:13 am