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Interested in being a beta reader for a novel?

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Hi everyone,

After a number of rejections from agents, I'm strongly leaning toward the self-publishing Kindle option. I've been doing a lot of research on how to be successful there, and a big key is having beta readers (and reviewers!)

I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in reading my 100k word sci-fi/fantasy novel and providing some feedback. If you'd like to do a manuscript swap, I can do that and try to provide some useful feedback.

We could also use this as a thread for anyone else who may be interested in swapping manuscripts!

Here's the (working) back cover blurb for my book:


On Vastire, your worth is set by the sins of your ancestors. Good families rise to the elite and evil families fall to the slums. Unfortunately for sixteen-year-old Darynn Mark, his father incited a revolution and died in it. Now Darynn scrounges his way through life in the slums. It was hard enough at first, but when nearby planets surround Vastire with an embargo, the poor are hit the hardest.

That all changes when an alien ship slips through the embargo and seeks Darynn. They offer to end the embargo if Darynn can just accomplish one thing: finish the revolution and end the caste system.

He might have a chance, thanks to mysterious magic powers, and his two companions: clairvoyant crush Fyra and soldierly alien Kaylaa. Cutthroat killers, mystical beasts, undead Vampires, power-hungry priests and lords, and self-serving spies stand in their way. If the three of them can crack his father’s secret, maybe they can end the embargo and save the poor. If not, another poor orphan will be added to the growing piles of dead.


If you're interested in reading the full thing, please send me a private message. Thanks in advance!

Posted : December 16, 2020 11:50 pm