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Survey of published authors - some numbers

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Dustin Adams
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If you're like me and you like numbers and stats and stuff, I recently discovered this blog. It's a few years aged, but hey, numbers.

This survey was open from May 24th to September 15th, 2017
76 published trade middle grade authors participated
I offered no compensation for taking the survey - THANK YOU AUTHORS for donating your time!
Results were self-reported and anonymous

Picture Book Survey ... mbers-2017 ... ber-part-2 ... t-3-agents

MG ... he-numbers

YA ... he-numbers

Self-publishing ... he-numbers


1x 3rd place
2x Finalist
2x Semi
9x Silver
11x HM
7x R

Posted : March 13, 2021 4:42 am
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This is really interesting! Thank you for posting this.

2019 Quarters: 3rd -- R, 4th -- R
2020 Quarters: 1st -- R, 2nd -- HM, 3rd -- HM, 4th -- SHM
2021 Quarters: 1st -- HM, 2nd -- HM, 3rd -- HM, 4th -- HM
2022 Quarters: 1st -- SHM, 2nd -- RWC, 3rd -- RWC, 4th -- HM
2023 Quarters: 1st -- pending, 2nd -- pending
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Posted : March 14, 2021 10:29 am
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