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What permissions, if any, do I need in order to include a photo in my published book? Scenarios below. All images are benign, non-libel, not funny, not mocking, etc.

1) Image was in someone's public Facebook post and featured in newspaper and tv news stories. Image is of a dog lying on the ground.

2) Image of guy walking his dog on 'heel' in a public place. Also, I took this picture.

Thanks for any insights.

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Posted : October 15, 2022 5:16 pm
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No permissions are needed if you take the picture yourself, or if you commission an artist or photographer to create an image for your book.
There is always some debate about pictures "in the public domain" because some domains (Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc.) aren't exactly "public."
When in doubt, always track down the real owner of the image and ask them in writing if you can use their image for your work. In cases where the true owner isn't traceable, might be better off just taking the image yourself or having it commissioned.

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