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Seeking Illustrator Just For The Fun Of It

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This request involves no money, so I thought that I'd mention that up front.

My granddaughter is five years old and starting to learn to read. I have been writing very short "stories" about her each week for her but am going to write a continuing story. I will probably just look for clip art to insert into the story but thought that I would first see if there is any interest on this forum.

This would be something very simple, just some outline drawings, perhaps she would like to color them at some point.

Obviously I have no money for this so this would be for someone who just wants to play around. This is just something for my granddaughter. Like everything else I do - the system will not allow me to post a URL but if you search for the four words racket in my head you will find it as the first search result - this will be available under Creative Commons, so if it is ever offered to the public then the illustrator would get full credit, and if any money were to come as a result then it would be split 50/50.

So if you are willing to offer some simple drawings just for the fun of it then please let me know via

Thanks -


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