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Old Book covers.

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Hey Guys,

I am an Illustrator who is trying to go down a new path in his style. Wanted to share some of my experiments with you. I always loved old fashioned book covers but never thought to try and market on it till now. Not only am I enjoying the visual outcomes but I also get the feeling that I am incorporating my own voice into the work, rather than speaking anthers. Here a are a few examples I did over the past week. You can see all my work on

Topic starter Posted : July 28, 2020 3:16 pm
Sarah-Jane Moldenhauer
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Your best bet is to look on Facebook for Book Cover groups. Have a look at how people design book covers, present your art there, and be mindful of the rules as each group is different. Some groups allow one post a day, and others only once every two weeks. At one point I was a member of 6 different groups, as I was interested in learning how people do book covers, the issues they faced when designing covers, and see what sells and what doesn't. You learn so much by just reading, and watching. Doing your research can help so much! Think beyond D&D. Offer your services on freelance websites, create a professional profile on LinkedIn, join up to 3 groups on there too, and just stay regular with your posting once or twice a week. Do not spend too much time on sites, but by posting here and there and everywhere, you eventually end up signalling people and search engines that you are someone worthy to check out. You might be surprised with the results after5-6 months of doing this.

Good luck. grinning  

Posted : April 21, 2021 5:49 pm