Our Writers of the Future Writer’s Dad: Helping Writers Become Authors

Mike Resnick was a successful writer, a great Writers of the Future Contest judge, a writer dad to many, and lived his life following a simple formula: you pay forward.

The Sport of Writing by Nnedi Okorafor

Nnedi Okorafor at the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest providing tips on how to start writing.

Sci-Fi Robots

Real robots and sci-fi robots are not new—they have both haunted and amazed us. Many of these sci-fi robots have inspired the field of robotics.

The Future of Short Stories: A New Year’s Resolution

The future of science fiction short stories and fantasy short stories looks brighter than ever. Find out how this applies to you in the New Year!

Writers of the Future Welcomes Bestselling Author Katherine Kurtz as its Newest Judge

Bestselling fantasy author Katherine Kurtz becomes judge in L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.

Birthing Stories: Five in Thirty-Five by Brittany Rainsdon

I’m Brittany. I’m a nurse. I’m also a mom. I just had a baby. And I got my fourth quarter entry in for the Writers of the Future Contest while working around giving birth.

Writer or Author? How to start a story playing with a question…

Writers of the Future winner and author, Scott Parkin, talks about how to start a story as a key element in establishing things to write about.

How To Start Writing

I have always known that I am a writer. With the kind of knowing you feel deep in your bones and emanates from the very core of your being. And as writers must do, I write. Although that wasn’t always the case. How to start writing…

A Different Kind of Writing Workshop

When L. Ron Hubbard initiated the Writers of the Future contest, he knew that there would be awards and publications for the winners. As Algis Budry, the first contest administrator put it to me, “He wanted to make sure that this helped launch new writers.

Advice to the Word-Weary by L. Ron Hubbard

He wanted, he claimed, an article in which there was a great deal of sound advice about writing and a number of examples.