Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced

Here they are – the winners of the 2nd Quarter

Kary English of California
Samantha Murray of Australia
Scott R. Parkin of Utah

Congratulations to you all!!!! – Joni

2nd Quarter Illustrators of the Future Winners Announced

The 2nd Quarter winners of the 26th year of the Illustrators of the Future Contest have been announced.

They will be published in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 31.

The winners are:
Amit Dutta of New Zealand
Shuangjian Liu of China
Taylor Payton of Minnesota

“This was a very strong quarter. Lots of talented illustrators are entering,” said contest judge Cliff Nielsen.

As winners, they are awarded a week long intensive workshop culminating in a gala awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Amit, Shuangjian and Taylor will also receive a cash prize for their win this quarter.

A Grand Prize winner is announced at the annual awards ceremony and is selected by another panel of judges. They will all now compete with the winners from the other quarters, twelve winners in all, for the grand prize of $5,000.

Well-known contest judges include award winning artists Cliff Nielsen, Bob Eggleton, Laura Brodian Freas, Vincent DiFate, Diane Dillon, Stephen Youll, Dave Dorman, Shaun Tan and Stephan Martiniere.

2nd Quarter Initial Results – Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions


Kary English of California
Joshua Essoe of California
Holly Heisey of Arizona
Samantha Murray of Western Australia
Scott Parkin of Utah
Kevin Pitorak of Ohio
Daniel Rosen of Minnesota
D.L. Young of Texas


Austin DeMarco of Pennsylvania
Sylvia Hiven of Georgia
Robbie Kowalski of New Jersey
Kathleen Manger of Washington
Mary Mascari of Illinois
Sean Monaghan of New Zealand
John O’Neill of Virginia
Patrick Tomlinson of Wisconsin

Honorable Mentions:

Dustin Adams of New York
Lynn Alexander of Pennsylvania
C.R. Asay of Utah
Avi of Malaysia
Raluca Balasa of Canada
Joseph Baltz of Pennsylvania
Lynnette Baum of California
Len Berry of Missouri
Rebecca Birch of Washington
Sofie Bird of Australia
Scott Birrenkott of Wisconsin
Steven R. Brandt of Louisiana
Evey Brett of Arizona
Lonnie Bricker of Ohio
Dean Brink of Taiwan
Jennifer Brody of California
Samuel S. Bunnya of Uganda
Jennifer Campbell-Hicks of Colorado
Janet L. Cannon of Missouri
Loreen Carlson of Hawaii
Dale Carothers of Minnesota
Shannon Connor Winward of Delaware
Beth Dawkins of Georgia
John W. Dennehy of New Hampshire
Meg Dixon of Pennsylvania
Cathy Douglas of Wisconsin
Arthur M. Doweyko of Florida
Tamlyn Dreaver of Australia
Em Dupre of New York
Frank Dutkiewicz of Michigan
Anthony Dutson of Utah
Lily Dwoskin of Pennsylvania
Rosalyn Eves of Utah
Robert B. Finegold, MD of Maine
Brian Robert Flynn of Washington D.C.
Tim Fox of Oregon
Julie Frost of Utah
William R.A.D. Funk of Florida
Aaron Stephen Gallagher of Texas
Amber Celestine Garcia of California
T. Gillmore of New Jersey
Benjamin Gorman of Ohio
James E. Guin of Georgia
Eric J. Guignard of California
S. L. Haggen of Utah
Kate Hall of Minnesota
James A. Hanzelka of Utah
Mary-Jean Harris of Canada
Fric Hayoz of Virginia
Sean Patrick Hazlett of California
E.K. Herrstrom of Colorado
Dustin Honour of Ohio
Jose Iriarte of Florida
Jared A. Jackson of Utah
Hall Jameson of Montana
Susan Jett of New Hampshire
Kent Jones of Minnesota
Tobacco Jones of Massachusetts
Sharon Joss of Oregon
K. D. Julicher of Virginia
Ryan Renee Kelly of New Jersey
James Khan of California
Holliann R. Kim of Maryland
Alistair Kimble of Colorado
Travis Knight of New York
Wendy Lambert of Utah
Christina Lay of Oregon
Kimberly Lekman of Florida
Mike Lewis of the United Kingdom
Alex Livingston of New York
Jeremy Loscos of France
Gamaliel Martinez of Texas
Fort McAfee of Kentucky
Andrew McCormick of California
Sky McKinnon of Alaska
Michelle McShane of New York
Fi Michell of Australia
Alexander Monteagudo of Maryland
Cathreen Morlock of Tennessee
Josh Morrey of Utah
Aaron Moskalik of Michigan
Rachel J. Murray of Michigan
Kaitlyn Nipko of Utah
Nina Niskanen of Finland
Margaret Norway of New York
Rosie Oliver of Great Britain
Kassie Kate Osburn of Texas
Quintin Reece Parker of Washington
W.N. Parkes of Illinois
Benjamin Pinney of Florida
Ben Prior of New Mexico
Sachin Rao of the United Kingdom
Aaron Redfern of Massachusetts
K.M. Rider of Connecticut
Doug Robbins of Ohio
Richard Robertson of Oklahoma
Geoffrey Saign of Minnesota
Brandon Sanford of Oregon
Steven James Saunders of the United Kingdom
Samuel S. B. of Uganda
L. Seabaugh of Missouri
Rebecca M. Senese of Canada
Joel Shulkin of Florida
Paul Siluch of Candada
Frances Silversmith of Germany
Pat Steiner of Wisconsin
Samuel Sullivan of Washington
Jeremy Szal of Australia
Anthony Tardiff of Illinois
Barbara G. Tarn of Italy
Jeremy TeGrotenhuis of Washington
Jill Valuet of Michigan
Lawrence Van Hoof of Canada
John Walters of Washington
Christopher Watson of Florida
Colleen Wells of Arizona
J.D. Wiley of Colorado
David Williams of Ohio
David Michael Williams of Wisconsin
Nicholas Wisseman of Michigan
Breanna Wojcik of Illinois
Peter Wood of North Carolina
William R.D. Wood of Virginia
JY Yang of Singapore

Congratulations to you all!!

Joni Labaqui

Winners of 1st Quarter Writers of the Future

1st Place Winner – Tim Napper – currently of Vietnam and from Australia
2nd Place Winner – Auston Habershaw of Massachusetts
3rd Place Winner – Martin Shoemaker of Michigan

Congratulations to the three of you!!!!

1st Quarter 2014 Writers of the Future Initial Results

Note: Winners will be announced soon!


William Anderegg of New Jersey
Michael Banker of New York
Robert Finegold of Maine
Julie Frost of Utah
Auston Habershaw of Massachusetts
Tim Napper of Australia
Martin Shoemaker of Michigan
Doug Souza of California


S.M. Anderson of Utah
James Beamon of Virginia
Melissa Cuevas of Wisconsin
Chip Houser of Missouri
Helen Jackson of Scotland
Jesse Knifley of Kentucky
Gamaliel Martinez of Texas
George Nikolopoulos of Greece
Megan Walker of Utah
Chris Woody of Nevada

Honorable Mentions:

Anne Carly Abad of Philippines
Danielle Ackley-McPhail of New Jersey
Samuel Amazing of Ohio
Stewart Baker of Oregon
Jeffrey A. Ballard of Texas
J. Daniel Batt of California
Lynnette Baum of California
Christopher Baxter of Utah
Ryan Belcher of Virgnia
Mark Bilsborough of the United Kingdom
Rebecca Birch of Washington
Jacob Brezinski of Michigan
Katherine Buel of Minnesota
Barb Caffrey of Wisconsin
Jennifer Campbell-Hicks of Colorado
Dale Carothers of Minnesota
Thomas Carpenter of Missouri
Paul L. Centeno of New York
Jean-Francois Chenier of California
Gio Clairval of Italy
Lynda Clark of the United Kingdom
Maegan Cook of New York
Daniel Frank DeLong of California
Austin DeMarco of Pennsylvania
Preston Dennett of California
John Derderian of California
Lindsey Duncan of Ohio
Frank Dutkiewicz of Michigan
Raymund Eich of Texas
Randy Ellefson of Maryland
Tom Fisken of New Jersey
Tim Ford of Canada
Desmond Fox of New Mexico
Ron Friedman of Canada
H.L. Fullerton of New York
Danielle N. Gales of the United Kingdom
Edward Garuda of California
Diego Gerard of New York
Adam Gifford of Michigan
Jennifer Gifford of Michigan
Jude-Marie Green of California
Derric Greene of South Carolina
Justin Gregoire of Florida
Thomas Griffin of Tennessee
A. Steve Grim of Utah
Shane Halbach of Illinois
Philip Hall of Scotland
Wayne Haroutunian of California
Mary-Jean Harris of Canada
Alan Harrison of Ireland
Fric Hayoz of Virginia
Crystal Lynn Hilbert of Pennsylvania
Sylvia Anna Hiven of Georgia
Brian T. Hodges of Washington
C. R. Hodges of Colorado
D.K. Holmberg of Minnesota
Scott Hughey of North Carolina
Mickey Hunt of North Carolina
Mark Jabaut of New York
Jessi Cole Jackson of New Jersey
Michael Janairo of New York
Angelic D. Jones of New Jersey
Brian Justus of Ohio
David Kernot of Australia
Holliann R. Kim of Maryland
Alistair Kimble of Colorado
Paul Kirsch of California
Anna Lawrence of North Carolina
Stephen Lawson of Kentucky
Christina Lay of Oregon
M.H. Lee of Colorado
Noble Lee of Minnesota
Melford Maderazo of Philippines
Scott James Magner of Washington
Tim Major of the United Kingdom
J. Scott Marryat of England
Samuel Marzioli of Oregon
S.R. Mastrantone of the United Kingdom
Muri McCage of Tennessee
Christopher Moran of Alaska
Michael Michel of Oregon
Fi Michell of Australia
Dustan Moon of Washington
Samantha Murray of Australia
Shale Nelson of Minnesota
Brian O’Leary of the United Kingdom
Julya Oui of Malaysia
M. C. Percuoco of Massachusetts
Beth Plutchak of Wisconsin
Brian W. Porter of Delaware
Zachary Poulter of Utah
Bill Purcell of Pennsylvania
Melanie Rees of Australia
Erik Reimers of Alabama
Lauren T. Ritz of Utah
Andy Rogers of Alaska
KB Rylander of Texas
Elinore Caiman Sands of England
Peter Sartucci of Colorado
Shana Scott of Missouri
Leife Shallcross of Australia
Andrew Shaw of New York
Paul Siluch of Canada
Frances Silversmith of Germany
Michael Simon of Canada
Brent Smith of Maine
Dale Ivan Smith of Oregon
Robert N. Stephenson of Australia
Anastasia Taber of California
Roderick D. Turner of Canada
Todd A. Walls of Colorado
Jennifer Noelle Welch of Maine
Ryan M. Williams of Washignton
Brigitte Winter of Maryland
Malcolm B. Wood of Ohio
Cody Wright of Colorado
Hugo Xiong of New York
Michael D. Young of Utah
Neil V. Young of California

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL!!! – by Joni Labaqui – Contest Director