Motivation, What If, and a Growing Fire

Writers of the Future winner John Haas on losing and then regaining the dream to be a writer and how he rebuilt that fire.

Some Secrets from the Editor Side of Things

Here are some valuable tips on dealing with book editors that you really should know.

You Gotta Work For It

How Writers of the Future helped an aspiring writer find his voice and become a professional.

24 Things

24 things that I’m still excited about after winning Writers of the Future. As someone who entered 47 times, I can tell you, it was sooo worth it! Don’t give up!

HERE BE DRAGONS – How one man charted his path to success through L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest

When you look at the tattered edges of old nautical charts, often you’ll find a wicked sea serpent threading through the water. There is even a medieval globe with the inscription: HERE BE DRAGONS. It probably didn’t mean the explorers had run across dragons (although I’d like to think so); it meant they hadn’t explored […]

Wyverns vs Dragons

Wyverns vs. dragons—what is the difference and which came first? Discover dragon types that have influenced fantastic art and literature through the ages.

The Future of Short Stories: A New Year’s Resolution

The future of science fiction short stories and fantasy short stories looks brighter than ever. Find out how this applies to you in the New Year!

“View from a Hill”

A tribute to Writers of the Future winner Walter Dinjos, a Nigerian writer, published in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 33.

This Just Happened: A Writer’s Dream Come True

This is the journey of Elise Stephens who began writing at the age of six who will now be recognized as a professional writer when she is published in Writers of the Future Volume 35—a dream come true.

Birthing Stories: Five in Thirty-Five by Brittany Rainsdon

I’m Brittany. I’m a nurse. I’m also a mom. I just had a baby. And I got my fourth quarter entry in for the Writers of the Future Contest while working around giving birth.