When Belief Becomes Reality

One writers journey from 10 year old dreamer to nurse to mother to author.

Elizabeth Chatsworth—From Novice Writer to Published Author

I like to joke that my “overnight” writing success took six years to achieve! How exactly did a middle-aged British woman become a winner in the most prestigious science fiction and fantasy writing contest in the world? It’s a tale I’m willing to share in the hope that my journey might inspire others to follow […]

A New Beginning

A Romanian author writes of his new beginning through L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest.

My Journey

Ibrahim Yassin gives his journey from reading and writing to becoming an author with the help of L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Workshop.

Things to Write About: Prompts

Here are some prompts and circumstances that always get the wheels turning when I find myself thinking, “what should I write about?”

How I Became an Author

How I became an author is a great story in and of itself, and this is that story.

Brand New Science Fiction

Looking for brand new science fiction and fantasy? These are the new books written by the Writers of the Future award-winning authors and contest judges.

Has Writers of the Future Changed My Life?

My writing journey from a conversation with a writing teacher to winning Writers of the Future.

Writers of the Future Volume 36: A Review

My advice is to get lost in this extremely well-crafted and often surprising Writers of the Future anthology.

How to Start Writing and Elements of a Short Story

If you’d like to write a story, but you’re not sure what to write about or how to start writing, I have good news: story ideas are everywhere.