The Journey of a Thousand Miles

From a love of creating stories to setting goals, first payment, first publication, winning Writers of the Future, and making by way up the ladder to professional author.

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future 35 Wins Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy

Writers of the Future Volume 35 was acknowledged by Benjamin Franklin Book of the Year Awards with the Gold Award in the science fiction and fantasy category.

Writing Tips from Peers: The Writers of the Future Forum

The best writing tip? Join the Writers of the Future Forum. Find out why winners of the largest talent search in the world for aspiring SF writers come from the Writers of the Future Forum?

How to Become an Author

If you want to know how to become an author, here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Springing Back to My Writing Workshop

Spring will forever be a nostalgic season for me. This time last year I was fidgeting. I was fidgeting because I had this huge nervous ball of energy that I didn’t know what to do with. I was fidgeting because I was about to head to the Writers of the Future writing workshop. I can’t […]

One Writers of the Future Success Cluster

A story of how an entire writing group, the Wordos, has embraced the Writers of the Future writing contest.

Our Writers of the Future Writer’s Dad: Helping Writers Become Authors

Mike Resnick was a successful writer, a great Writers of the Future Contest judge, a writer dad to many, and lived his life following a simple formula: you pay forward.

Brewing the Potion to Become a Writer of the Future: An Alchemist’s Tale

New writers love writing advice and tips.

How My Life as a Young Mom Makes My Fiction Powerful

Writers of the Future winner Elise Stephens found that conquering being a young mom enabled her to create a career as an author.

Book review: Moon Dawdler (Sci-Fi Short Story in Writers of the Future 35)

Author and mother Brittany Rainsdon reads to her kids. Super-Duper Moongirl in Writers of the Future is about a disabled young girl who deals with bullying.