Martin’s OPINION on the Unwritten Rules of the Writers of the Future

The unwritten rules from the Writers of the Future Forum on the Writers of the Future Contest as assembled by Martin Shoemaker.

Reader of the Future and Writer of the Future

I had the pleasure of being chosen as the winner of the Readers of the Future contest

Old But Not Too Old to Succeed!

A 50-year journey with a few twists and turns …

It All Started When … (AKA What Honorable Mention Means to Me)

How did it all start for one Writers of the Future winner? It all started when …

One Writer’s Journey

Writers of the Future winner, Elaine Midcoh, shares her writing journey.

Writing Resilience

David Hankin is a Writers of the Future Volume 39 winner with his story, “Death and the Taxman.”

You Can’t Pay It Back

When others have helped smooth the way for your success as an author, it’s only fair that you do the same by paying it forward.

Inventing Profanity: What to Write When You Can’t Say “Duck”

So, there you are, writing away when the f-bomb splatters onto the page. Some markets won’t have a problem with this, but what if you’re writing for a PG-13 market, or what if your target market is OK with some profanity, but you like to use it a lot?

Fantasy and Science Fiction Literature in the Arab World

The history of science fiction and fantasy in the Arab world dates to The Epic of Gilgamesh, considered the oldest literary work in history.

By the Numbers

Mike Jack Stoumbos won Writers of the Future and had a novel trilogy published in the last year, while teaching workshops for emerging authors in addition to the high schoolers. This is his advice.