C Stuart Hardwick

C Stuart Hardwick – 2014 Winning Writer!

C Stuart Hardwick was one of 12 winners in this year’s Writers of the Future Contest and was awarded at the L. Ron Hubbard Awards Ceremony at the Ebell Theatre of Los Angeles on April 13th.

C Stuart Hardwick at table

At the first meeting with judges Tim Powers, Dave Wolverton and Contest Director Joni Labaqui

All winners were flown into Hollywood the week before the awards ceremony to attend workshops led by industry professionals and contest judges such as Mike Resnick, Tim Powers and Nina Kiriki Hoffman.

The week started off with a challenge for the writers! They were asked to write a story including an item that they were given (such as a pipe, clock, door handle, etc.) and only have 24 hours to turn it in!

C Stuart Hardwick in workshop

The Writers examine their object

C Stuart Hardwick in library

Researching in the library

C Stuart Hardwick writers workshop

Like any good instructor, Tim Powers uses humor to dispense advice

C Stuart Hardwick writers workshop

After all stories were submitted, it was time for the “Big Reveal.” This is where the illustrators presented their illustrations of the writer’s stories  to the writers, only it’s not as easy at that. Each writer had to find the piece that was created for their story while the illustrators stood by. Illustrator Andrew Sonea was the illustrator for Stuart’s story “Rainbows for Other Days.”

C Stuart Hardwick with Illustrator Andrew Sonea

Stuart and Andrew with the illustration for his story

The next day was packed with a tour of the Bang Printing Plant where the winners go to see the Writers of the Future Volume 30 being printed and bound right in front of them! After the tour of the plant, they toured the Challenger Center for Space Science Education.

C Stuart Hardwick at Bang Printing seeing book

Each winner got their own copy immediately after they were produced

C Stuart Hardwick in NASA suit

Stuart suits up!

C Stuart Hardwick taking picture


The next day was the much anticipated awards ceremony, and the winners were ready to make their debut on the red carpet!

C Stuart Hardwick on red carpet with all winners

All winners on the red carpet

C Stuart Hardwick walking to stage

Stuart walking to the stage to receive his award

C Stuart Hardwick accepting award on stage

After receiving his award, he took part in his first book signing at the hall along with all other winning writers and illustrators!

Writers of the Future after party

It was a packed hall for the book signing!

Stuart will be holding another book signing at Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore in Houston, TX on Saturday May 10th from 2pm – 4pm. If you’re local, drop by and get your copy of Writers of the Future Vol 30 signed by him!

To see more of his work, check out his website at http://www.cstuarthardwick.com

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