And the Winners Are …

Here is the list of our First Quarter (1 October through 31 December) Winners, Finalists, Semi-Finalists, and Honorable Mentions for the Writers of the Future Contest.


Congratulations to you all!


First Place – J.W. Alden of Florida
Second Place – Rachael K. Jones of Georgia
Third Place – Sylvia Anna Hiven of Georgia


Dale Carothers of Minnesota
Mary Mascari of Illinois
Jack Mulcahy of Pennsylvania
Kristene Perron of British Columbia, Canada
Patrick Tomlinson of Wisconsin


J.S. Arquin of Oregon
Raymund Eich of Texas
Joshua Essoe of California
Julie Frost of Utah
Stephanie Herman of California
Janet Nicolson of Saskatchewan, Canada
Shannon Rampe of Virginia
Katie Tillwick of Kentucky

Honorable Mentions:

Taylor Banks of South Carolina
Jacob Baugher of Ohio
Ryan Belcher of Virginia
Lura R. Bennett of Oregon
Rebecca Birch of Washington
Jill Bisker of Minnesota
Aimee Blume of Indiana
Ezekiel James Boston of Florida
Tyler Bourassa of Saskatchewan, Canada
Justin Briley of Alabama
Iain Cambridge of New Zealand
Thomas K. Carpenter of Missouri
Mark William Chase of Indiana
Chan Yuk Chi of Singapore
Austin DeMarco of Pennsylvania
Calvin Dreger of Illinois
Lindsey Duncan of Ohio
Frank Dutkiewicz of Michigan
Eric Edstrom of Wisconsin
David A. Elsensohn of California
Patricia Ezell of Georgia
Voss Foster of Washington
Ron S. Friedman of Alberta, Canada
Jennifer Gifford of Michigan
Todd Glasscock of Texas
J. Michael Gorday of Washington
Thomas Griffin of Tennessee
Philip Brian Hall of United Kingdom
James Hart of California
Sean Patrick Hazlett of California
Holly Heisey of Pennsylvania
R. Leigh Hennig of Washington
Molly Herboth of California
Jim Heuston of Arkansas
Crystal Lynn Hilbert of Pennsylvania
Patrick Hurley of Washington
Jared A. Jackson of Utah
Kent A. Jones of Minnesota
K.D. Julicher of Virginia
Georgina Kamsika of the United Kingdom
Justin Key of New York
S. Krason of Ohio
David Kirby of Virginia
S. G. Larner of Australia
Jayde Logemann of Idaho
Amy Lynwander of Maryland
Tim Major of the United Kingdom
Samuel Marzioli of Oregon
Michelle McShane of New York
Kenneth Meade of Georgia
Stefon Mears of Oregon
Sean Monaghan of New Zealand
Vincent Morgan of British Columbia, Canada
Kirstie Olley of Australia
Bobby O’Rourke of New Jersey
Michael Picken of Utah
Jenna Pitman of California
Robert Redwine of Oregon
Steve Rodgers of California
Jack Ryan of Arkansas
Peter Sartucci of Colorado
Effie Seiberg of California
Jeff Seymour of Indiana
Yasmine R. Shahar of Nevada
Adrian Simmons of Oklahoma
Douglas Spannerman of Idaho
J’nae Rae Spano of California
David Steffen of Minnesota
Jeremy Szal of Australia
Wole Talabi of Malaysia
Zac Thomas of Florida
Dan Thurot of Utah
Shawn M. Touchton of South Carolina
Stephen A. Watkins of Georgia
G.M. Whitley of South Carolina
R.A. Williamson of Washington
Natasha Windland of Arkansas
Jessica Allen Winn of Utah
Nicholas Wisseman of Michigan
James Wolanyk of Massachusetts
Bill Wright of Georgia
Michael Young of Utah
Sherry Yuan of British Columbia, Canada
Bradley Michael Zerbe of Pennsylvania


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