Writers of the Future Honorable Mention

Writers of the Future 4th Quarter Honorable Mentions

The last quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest was one of our largest on record and it shows in the extensive list of Honorable Mentions for the quarter that ended on September 30th, 2015. Congratulations to you all!

All the winners for the 32nd annual Writers of the Future anthology have now been selected and the book is being prepared for press. To see the list of winners from this quarter, click here.

Honorable Mention:

Zaan Ali of New Jersey
S.R. Anand of India
Julia V. Ashley of Mississippi
James Beamon of Virginia
Dave Beavers of Massachusetts
Ty Black of Canada
Lillian Bodley of Idaho
Dawn Bonanno of Illinois
Marty Bonus of the United Kingdom
Ezekiel James Boston of Florida
Steven R. Brandt of Louisiana
Jacqueline Bridges of Washington
Z.T. Bright of Utah
Steve Buchheit of Ohio
Jennifer Campbell-Hicks of Colorado
Erin Casey of Iowa
Alicia Cay of Colorado
Paul Centeno of Connecticut
Kyla Chapek of Oregon
Rachael Chimits of Nevada
David Cleden of the United Kingdom
Elgin Clifton of Washington
Jedd Cole of Ohio
Brigid Collins of Michigan
JJ. Creer of Utah
Glen Delaney of California
Austin DeMarco of Maryland
Preston Dennett of California
Rebecca DeVendra of Massachusetts
Nathan Dodge of Texas
L.E. Doggett of California
Lindsey Duncan of Ohio
Frank Dutkiewicz of Michigan
Abigail Fero of England
Margaret McGaffey Fisk of Nevada
Oliver Fox of Tennessee
Joshua Fredette of Oregon
Ron S. Friedman of Canada
John Frochio of Pennsylvania
Ephiny Gale of Australia
Catherine Girczyc of Canada
Todd Glasscock of Texas
Sean Gorman of Georgia
Kelly Green of California
Thomas Griffin of Tennessee
Anaïd Haen of The Netherlands
Philip Brian Hall of the United Kingdom
Rene Hamilton of New York
Elliott Rusty Harold of New York
Kelsey Hastings of Massachusetts
Adam Hill of North Carolina
Elie Hinze of Texas
C.R. Hodges of Colorado
Tim W. Hodgson of Canada
Morgan G. Howell of South Carolina
R.J. Howell of Illinois
Randy Hulshizer of Pennsylvania
Patrick Hurley of Washington
Karen Sarita Ingram of Idaho
Cecelia Isaac of Minnesota
Kristin Janz of Massachusetts
Gabriel Justus of Georgia
Levi Kemper of Oklahoma
Seth W. Kennedy of California
Amanda Kespohl of Florida
Michael Kingswood of California
Krissa L. Klein of California
Adam Knight of New Jersey
Nick B. Koehler of Kansas
Annaliese Lemmon of Washington
Mina Li of Michigan
Miriam Logan of New York
Sean Lovett of Virginia
Amy Lynwander of Maryland
P.J. Manley of Nebraska
M.K. Martin of Oregon
Samuel Marzioli of Oregon
Django Mathijsen of The Netherlands
Ryan McClanahan of Minnesota
Mimi Mckenzie of Mississippi
Maureen L. Mills of Utah
Sean Monaghan of New Zealand
Dustan Moon of Washington
Coral Moore of Washington
Jacob Natwick of Iowa
George Nikolopoulos of Greece
Gwendolyn Nix of Montana
Ali Nouraei of United Kingdom
Rosie Oliver of England
A.R. Oscar of Washington D.C.
Brenda L. Palmer of Pennsylvania
Terence Park of United Kingdom
Frances Pauli of Washington
John Peterman of Washington
Olivia Peterson of California
Chris Phillips of Ohio
Beth Powers of Indiana
Rajeev Prasad of California
M.M. Pryor of Washington
Robert Redwine of Oregon
Kelsey Reed of Oregon
J.V. Rico of Colorado
Tanya Rochester of California
Steve Rodgers of California
Daniel Roy of Canada
Jack Ryan of Arkansas
Maxim Salnikov of Hungary
Elinor Caiman Sands of United Kingdom
Louis Santiago of New York
Mckayla Schneider of Canada
Lee Ann Setzer of Utah
Mitchell Shanklin of Washington
Jason Sinclair of Washington
Sandra Skalski of New Jersey
Dave Skinner of Canada
Robert Anthony Smith of New Jersey
Srivatsan of Singapore
Robert Steele of Canada
Trista Steele of Washington
David Steffen of Minnesota
Robert N. Stephenson of Australia
Brenda Sinclair Sutton of Indiana
Jeremy Szal of Australia
J.M. Tanenbaum of California
Clive Tern of United Kingdom
Kelly Thomas of California
Tony Todaro of California
Zechariah James Towner of California
S.G. Vega of California
David Versace of Australia
Sean Eric P. Villaverde of California
Michael Wells of Pennsylvania
Lynette White of Utah
Robert Luke Wilkins of California
Neal Williams of Colorado
Jaclyn Wilson of California
Trisha M. Wilson of Wisconsin
Nick Wisseman of Michigan
William R.D. Wood of Virginia
Danny T. Yang of Texas
Neil Young of California
John Zaharick of Minnesota

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