31st Anniversary Writers & Illustrators of the Future Winners!

Here is the full list of the 31st Anniversary Writers and Illustrators of the Future Winners:

First Quarter
1st place – Tim Napper from Australia
2nd place – Auston Habershaw from Massachusetts
3rd place – Martin Shoemaker from Michigan

Tung Chi Lee from California
Michelle Lockamy from New Jersey
Emily Siu from Pennsylvania

Second Quarter
1st place – Kary English from California
2nd place – Samantha Murray from Perth
3rd place – Scott R. Parkin from Utah

Shuangjian Liu from California
Taylor Payton from Minnesota
Amit Dutta from New Zealand

Third Quarter
1st place – Daniel Davis from North Carolina
2nd place – Amy M. Hughes from Utah
3rd place – Michael T. Banker from New York

Quinlan Septer from Michigan
Alex Brock from Arizona
Choong Nyung Yoon from New York

Fourth Quarter
1st place – Sharon Joss from Oregon
2nd place – Steve Pantazis from California
3rd place – Krystal Claxton from Georgia
Finalist – Zach Chapman from Texas

Megen Nelson from Florida
Megan Kelchner from New York
Daniel Tyka from Poland

Congratulations to you all and we will see you in Hollywood for the 31st Anniversary of the L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards Gala!

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