Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners

2nd Quarter Writers of the Future Winners


Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter
Winners, Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions


Congratulations to you all!


First Place – Doug Souza from California
Second Place – Emeka (Walter) Dinjos from Nigeria
Third Place – Stephen Lawson from Kentucky


Mary Garber from Florida
JT Gill from Virginia
Lynn Kilmore from North Carolina
David VonAllmen from Missouri
Michael Wheatley from Quebec, Canada


Kenneth Austin from New Mexico
Joanne Chapman from Utah
Stephan James from Indiana
Kate Julicher from Nevada
Seth McGlaughlin from Connecticut
Sean Monaghan from New Zealand
Daniel Roy from Quebec, Canada
Jason Sinclair from Washington State

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Douglas Anstruther from North Carolina
Gregory Baum from Missouri
Russ Colson from Minnesota
Austin DeMarco from Maryland
Laurie Gailunas from Michigan
Jeanette Gonzalez from California
Muri McCage from Tennessee
J.J. Roth from California
David Steffen from Minnesota
Josh Storey from Pennsylvania
Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis from Washington
Benjamin Thomas from Connecticut
Anthony Vicino from Tennessee

Honorable Mentions:

Dustin Adams from New York
Ryan P. Adams from Massachusetts
Van Alrik from Utah
A.Z. Anthony from Florida
James Beamon from Virginia
Rick Bennett from Utah
Rebecca Birch from Washington
Scott Birrenkott from Wisconsin
Ty Black from Prince Edward Island, Canada
Ray Blank from the United Kingdom
Matt Bosio from Florida
Jodi Bracken from Utah
Leah M. Burkhart from Colorado
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Mark William Chase from Indiana
Chan Yuk Chi from Singapore
Thomas Cicillini from New York
Rui Cid from Portugal
Lynda Clark from the United Kingdom
Nathan Clarke from Australia
David J. Cochrane from Louisiana
Brandon Crilly from Ontario, Canada
Matthew Cropley from Australia
Kaitlyn Dahlman from Illinois
Brandon Daubs from California
Anna Denisch from Maryland
Erlanque De Soleil from South Africa
Nicholas Diehl form California
L. E. Doggett from California
Dave Dunn from Florida
Richard H. Durisen from Indiana
Carl Duzett from Maryland
Heather Lee Dyer from Idaho
E.M. Eastick from Colorado
Eric Edstrom from Wisconsin
Raymund Eich from Texas
Justin Ferguson from Kansas
Will Frankenhoff from New York
Kim Gjersoe from Denmark
Debora Godfrey from Washington
Stephen E. Goll from Kansas
Roy J. Gonzales, Jr. from Texas
Alan Graham from Florida
Matt Guzman from Arizona
Colin Hacker from Colorado
Anaid Haen from The Netherlands
Philip Brian Hall from Scotland
Rachelle Harp from Texas
Diana A. Hart from Washington
Katariina Heikkila from Finland
Russell Hemmell from the United Kingdom
T.A. Hernandez from Utah
C.R. Hodges from Colorado
Lars. H. Hoffmann from Spain
Celeste Hollister from Texas
Janie Holloman from North Carolina
Randy Hulshizer from Pennsylvania
Micky Hunt from North Carolina
Mitchell Inkley from Utah
Joe Iriarte from Florida
Dakota James from New York
Kent Alan Jones from Minnesota
B.M. Keeling from England
David Kernot from Australia
Michelle Kilmer from Washington
David Kristoph from Texas
Mark K. Lazure from Alberta, Canada
Annaliese Lemmon from Washington
Scott Lindeman from Utah
Marisa Lopez from New Mexico
Ted Ludzik from Ontario, Canada
Robert Allen Lupton from New Mexico
Wilson Macduff from Scotland
Monica Malveaux from Florida
Django Mathijsen from The Netherlands
Emily McCosh from California
Shawn Robert McKee from Texas
Genea’ Massey from California
Dylan McNamara from Illinois
Stefon Mears from Oregon
Lee Melling from the United Kingdom
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Margaret Moller from Minnesota
Christian Monson from Arkansas
Dustan Moon from Washington
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
Adam Musil from Texas
Jamie Nash from Maryland
Martin R. Nelson from Oregon
Andy C. Nystrom from California
Rosie Oliver from the United Kingdom
EmmaLee Pallai from Minnesota
Y.M. Pang from Ontario, Canada
Thomas Parry from Utah
Olivia Peterson from California
Beth Powers from Indiana
Shannon Rampe from Virginia
Sharon Kae Reamer from Germany
Serah Reyes from Oklahoma
Elizabeth Rhodes from Florida
Devin Ripley from Georgia
Angela M. Sanchez from California
Hugh J. Sandgathe from Utah
Mckayla Schneider from Nova Scotia, Canada
Dara Sobowale from New York
Frances Silversmith from Germany
Dessie Sivilova from Bulgaria
Robert Anthony Smith from New Jersey
Harley Stagner from Virginia
Louis Steiner from Maryland
Jeremy Szal from Australia
Tyra Tanner from Utah
Jason Thomas from California
Kelly Thomas from California
Michael Thompson from North Carolina
Samuel W. Thomsen from Utah
Samantha Usam from Hawaii
Efrain Vega, Jr. from Colorado
Scott Pohaku Vilhauer from California
KT Wagner from British Columbia, Canada
Trent Walters from Iowa
Carolyn Weisbecker from Arizona
Stan Werse from New Jersey
Walter L. Williamson from New Mexico
Kellen Wilson from Texas
Michael J. Winegar from Georgia
Lee Wirth from Oregon
Haley Woolf from New Zealand
Neil V. Young from California


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