1st Quarter Writers of the Future Winners


Writers of the Future 1st Quarter
Winners, Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions


Congratulations to you all!


First Place – Dustin Steinacker from Utah
Second Place – Sean Hazlett from California
Third Place – Anton Rose from the United Kingdom


Rajeev Prasad from California
Molly Elizabeth Atkins from Missouri
Rebecca Birch from Washington State
Amy Lynwander from Maryland
Lee Burton from Newfoundland, Canada


Kristin Janz from Massachusetts
Theodore Kanbe from Wyoming
Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma
Sean C. Sexton from North Carolina
C.M. Simpson from Canberra Australia
M. Elizabeth Ticknor from Michigan
Kevin Wabaunsee from Illinois
Robin Walton from California

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Heath Cowled from Tasmania, Australia
Marcus Crowe from Utah
DW Harvey from California
Morgan G. Howell from South Carolina
Jason Loch from Wisconsin
Richard Pulfer from Illinois
Stephanie Sorth from California
Adrian A. Simmons from Oklahoma
David VonAllem from Missouri

Honorable Mentions:

Jeffrey Steven Abrams from Washington State
LInda Maye Adams from Virginia
Antha Ann Adkins from Texas
Douglas Anstruther from North Carolina
Seth Arora from Maryland
Christopher Baxter from Utah
Anthony Bell from Washington State
Rick Bennett from Utah
Cyn Bermudez
Hilary B. Bisenieks from California
P.D. Blake from the United Kingdom
Steven R. Brandt from Louisiana
David Brush from Michigan
Lynn Buchanan from Utah
Darin Calhoun from California
Katie Catanzarite from Pennsylvania
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Joanne Chapman from Utah
Dantzel Cherry from Texas
Rui Cid from Portugal
David Cleden from the United Kingdom
Connie Cockrell from Arizona
Jedd Cole from Ohio
Brigid Collins from Michigan
Nestor Delfino from Ontario, Canada
Austin DeMarco from Maryland
John Derderian from California
Nathan Dodge from Texas
Mike Dorman from Germany
Romanus Belli from New Mexico
Deidre Delpino Dykes from Virginia
Thomas Fisken from New Jersey
Rachel Flynn from New Hampshire
Katrina French from North Carolina
Robert J. Freund Jr. from Idaho
Ron S. Friedman from Alberta Canada
Collin M. Gian from Tennessee
Catherine Girczyc from British Columbia, Canada
Sigrid Goldmann from Germany
Ian E. Gonzales from Washington State
Thomas Griffin from Tennessee
Philip Hall from the United Kingdom
Laura Hardgrave from California
Rachelle Harp from Texas
Patricia M. Heaton from Virginia
Randy Hulshizer from Pennsylvania
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Martha Husain from Colorado
Steve Husk from Virginia
Mitchell Inkley from Utah
Sean Jones from Colorado
Kate Julicher from Nevada
Darius Jung from Ontario, Canada
Christopher Keene from New Zealand
David Kernot from Australia
RW Kerry from Ohio
Justin C. Key from New York
Michael Kingswood from California
Benjamin C. Kinney from Missouri
David Kristoph from Texas
Caroline Lear from Virginia
Ryland J K Lee from Japan
J. Eckert Lytle from Oregon
Tim Major from the United Kingdom
Cindy Martin from Alberta, Canada
Samuel Marzioli from Oregon
Margaret McGaffey Fisk from Nevada
Sylvia McIvers from New York
Sky McKinnon from Alaska
Stefon Mears from Oregon
Ville Merilainen from Finland
Aidan Meyer from Romania
Sean Managhan from New Zealand
Dustan Moon from Washington State
Will Morton from California
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
George Nikolopoulos from Greece
Gloria Oliver from Texas
Jerry Parker from California
J. Grace Pennington from Texas
Chris Phillips from Ohio
Matthew Paul Plassman from California
Beth Powers from Indiana
Bojan Ratkovic from Ontario, Canada
J.J. Roth from California
Kyla Rowe from Georgia
Daniel Roy from Quebec, Canada
Robert N. Stephenson from Australia
DaVaun Sanders from Arizona
Catherine Schaff-Stump from Iowa
Ryan Schapals from Washington State
McKayla Schneider from Nova Scotia
Cody Schroeder from Missouri
Sean C. Sexton from North Carolina
Robert Anthony Smith from New Jersey
Hannah Somes from Maine
Quinn Specter from Alabama
Xariffa Suarez from Texas
J.E. Tabor from Illinois
Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis from Washington State
R.L. Thull from Minnesota
Kenneth K. Trotter Jr. from Missouri
Scott Pohaku Vilhauer from California
Sean Eric P. Villaverde from California
Hayley Woolf from New Zealand
Neil V. Young from California


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